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Peng Yuan-Yang



     YANG Pengyuan (1949-) Professor, Ph.D. of Chemistry at University of Massachusetts, post-doctor of Indiana University and Xiamen University. Mr. Yang currently serves as president of CNHUPO, member of expert team of national key research project of protein, executive vice-president of Institute of Biomedical Sciences and dean of Medical Systems Biology Department. Yang’s research focuses on spectrum/MS atomization and ionization mechanism and techniques, new techniques of microfluidics, biomass spectrometry techniques and protein analysis methods, and his featured accomplishments are as follows: He has been funded by several projects of NCFC and “973”in the total amount of  RMB 45 million,and published  180 articles in international peer-reviewed journals such as  Anal Chem and Lab Chip, currently the chief expert of 863 Program (protein sequencing instrument (MS) and agent domestication) , chief scientist of 973 Program for two tenures, obtained 4 provincial awards and 12 patents, chief translator of Theory, Method and Application of Systems Biology, chief editor of Technology of Biomass Spectrometry and organizer of biomass spectrometry special (English) and spectrometry (Chinese) special for Science China. 



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