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Yan Hui-Xu



     XU Yanhui (1977-) Professor, Ph.D. of Tsinghua University, post-doctor of Princeton University. Dr. Xu currently serves as PI of Institute of Biomedical Sciences of Fudan University and a vice-director of The Biophysical Society of China. His research focuses on structural biology of epigenetic modification enzymes. His featured accomplishments are as follows: reveal the molecular mechanisms for catalysis, substrate recognition and regulation of enzymatic activity of enzymes that are involved in DNA methylation and histone methylation. He has been funded by two 973 and four NSFC Programs, and Ten Thousand Talents Program-Excellent Youths of the Organization Department of the Central Committee of the CPC, New Century Talent Support Program of Ministry of Education, Shanghai Excellent Principal Investigator, Pujiang Talent Program and Dawn Scholar Program in the total amount of RMB 12 million. In recent 5 years, he has published 16 corresponding-author papers in Cell,Mol Cell,Proc Natl Acad Sci,Genes & Dev,Cell Research,J Biol Chem and etc. 



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