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Wen Yu-Wen



      WEN Wenyu (1981-) professor. Doctor and post-doctor of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, currently serves as a member of the Discipline Committee of Biological Magnetic Resonance, The Biophysical Society of China. Wen’s research focuses on the structural biology of neuronal differentiation and signaling, and her featured accomplishments are as follows: systemically studied the molecular mechanisms of asymmetric division of neural stem cells; revealed the structural basis of the dynamic visual scaffold INAD PDZ5 in actively participating in signaling processes by conformation-coupled redox potential modulation upon light stimulation. She has been funded by 9 projects of 973 Program, NSFC, New Century Talent Support Program of Ministry of Education and Shanghai Rising-star Program in the total amount of RMB 6.57 million, and published 20 articles in international peer-reviewed journals such as Cell, Mol. Cell, and EMBO J. 



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