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Course Objectives:

  Physiology is a branch of the biological sciences, which aims to understand the functions and regulating principles of living organisms. In medical school, physiology is a compulsory course for the medical students. 
  The objective of the curriculum is to understand the basic principles of living phenomena, to establish a fundamental theoretical basis for later study and clinical practice. 
Textbook of Physiology, Yao Tai,People’s Medical Publication House,2008,ISBN 978-7-117-09769-7 
Supplementary Materials: 
Guyton AC, Hall JE. Textbook of Medical Physiology, WB Saunders
Lingappa VR, Physiological Medicine, Mcgraw-Hill
Ganong WF. Review of Medical Physiology, Mcgraw-Hill
Teaching Method:
   This course will be conducted by teachers’ presentation combined with class discussion and students’ mini topic oral presentation.
   All of attendance and performance in the class and mini topic discussion, midterm exam and final exam will be comprehensively considered in the final score.